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The Office

Our office strives for Excellence through superior patient care, treatment, education and patient satisfaction. We offer the highest quality of care through a variety of chiropractic techniques and therapies.

Our office staff is highly trained, knowledgeable, very helpful and friendly. The environment we expect to create is professional, well maintained and comfortable for all. We expect to provide the best chiropractic care. We encourage individuals to bring family members to learn how beneficial chiropractic care can be for every individual. Its' our standard of care to respect every individual of their privacy, put patients first above all else, and our office policies are supportive to almost all special circumstances.

Boern Chiropractors Office

Boern Chiropractors Office

Hablamos Español

Si necesitan ayuda en espanol por favor hablar el numbero directamente: (916)293-2543 o (830)755-9108.

Insurance accepted and payment plans available

We accept and electronically file with most major commericial health insurance companies. Dr. Hastings is an in-network provider for most major insurance companies: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, United Health, Cigna.

We accept Letter Of Protection (LOP) from individuals working with an Attorney for auto related injuries.

We file directly with auto insurance carriers who have eligible benefits (PIP, uninsurance motorist, etc.) under the the patient's own policy or third-party insurance.

We accecpt Care Credit. Patients may have established accounts or may process a new application for eligibility or visit to apply in advance.

Individuals in need of Chiropractic Care who currently may not have insurance or have policies with a high deductible amount, should be reassured that our rates are affordable and we offer flexible payment plans allowing the patient access to high-quality care for themselves and/or their family members.

In special circumstances, we offer in-house payment plans for qualifying individuals with treatment plans.